Elways has already designed the various parts of the system. Some of the parts are however not possible to design without testing. Therefore Elways has designed several test circuits and performed tests to verify that the solutions will work.

Rotating contact
In order to be avoid building a large full scale test track a small circular track has been built with a rail buried in the asphalt and a contact is pulled around by a centrally located motor.

The picture below shows the test circuit.
Only one contact is used why the current has to be fed to the centre and then under the track to the power source.

Tests have also been performed during winter, which is seen on the picture below.
At minus fourteen degrees the track was free from ice and there melted water on top of the conductor. See the picture below.
Tests have also been performed with salt in order to investigate how the insulation works when there is salt in the water. This is the basis for design of the rail.