At the tests performed with the outdoor test circuit the following test results were achieved:

  • A total test distance 1000 km.
  • A total of 60,000 turns, which corresponds to the passing of 60,000 vehicles.
  • Tests have been conducted with voltage and current that together corresponds to a power of 160 kW in the two tracks. This is the design value necessary to charge trucks.
  • Contact wear has been measured and it is shown that the contacts will last around 10 000 km before they will have to be changed.

Linear test circuit
A linear test circuit has been constructed indoors. Here the contact is designed to move in 100 km/h in order to study collision with small and big obstacles. The circuit is shown below.
By using this circuit a contact has been developed that can withstand both small and big collisions.

Rotating track
The outdoor test circuit with rotating contacts has been supplemented with a circular indoor test circuit, where the track rotates and the contact does not move. With this type of track the contact behaviour can easily be studied in order to ensure the contact is consistent and reliable.

The picture below shows the indoor the circuit.