Current energy consumption by generation methods in percentage terms of the total energy consumption can be seen in the table below.

Source of energy Per cent
Oil 37
Coal 25
Gas 23
Nuclear (one third of the energy is transformed into electric energy) 6
Biomass 4
Hydropower 3
Solar heating 0.5
Geothermal 0.2
Biofuel 0.2
Solar cells 0.04
Other sources 1.06

Reference (link).

As can be seen, renewables contribute very little to the total energy generation. Almost all energy has a fossile fuel origin such as oil, gas or coal. Nuclear power is a quite substantial energy source but it is not renewable. It has the advantage that is does not emit carbon dioxide, but the disadvantage that costly accidents may occur. In case of accidents, public support can be lost and existing plants could be closed down and new plants would not be built. 

Among the renewable sources hydropower is currently the most important. The other renewable sources are still small contributors to the global energy supply.