Elways has 21 patent families and 76 granted patents in several countries. The patents cover the system and the various solutions that are needed to achieve conductive feeding of vehicles while driving.

Approved patents
Some patents are described more in detail below.

Detection of rail
The detection of the rail by the contact arm is done by means of magnetic fields. There are two possible methods we have patented. One is to send out a high frequency magnetic field and detect distortion in this field caused by the rail and interpret this distortion as a position. The other method is that the rail itself emits a magnetic field that is detected and analysed. 

Cleansing of the track
In order to keep the track free from smaller objects, water and snow a number of solutions have been patented.

The contact
Based on Elways calculations and tests, the contact has been patented.

Movable arm beneath the vehicle
Elways has the patented design of the movable arm, which moves the contact to maintain the feed to the vehicle.

Snow plough
In order to keep the track free from snow, Elways solution has been patented.

Design of the rail
Elways design of the rail has been patented.