The next development step is full scale testing at a test track. These tests took place on the Arlanda Stad.

Installation 2012
The first rail was a 200 m track was installed in 2012 in the asphalt and cars were able to become charged while driving along the track.
Test Track 2 at Arlanda.
Grinding a trench in the asphalt for the electric road.
Installation of the rail.
The rail installed.

Installation 2014
In 2014 150 meters of track was added.
Installation of rail using a ramp.

Installation 2016
In 2016 the first 200 meters of rail was removed and 200 meters rail Version 3 was installed.
Installation of 200 meters of rail in 2016.

Installation 2017
In 2017 fifty meters of rail Version 4 was installed in in the test track. This rail was the same as the rail later installed in the public road.
Grinding a ditch for 50 meters of Version 4.

In October 2017 two kilometers of rail was installed in a public road close to Arlanda Airport as a delivery in the Pre- commercial procurement of the Swedish Transportation Agency.
Grinding a dich in the road.
Installation of the rail in the road.
The rail is installed in the road.
Sign informing that there is an electric rail in the road.