Driving in a snowstorm

There is no problem driving on the electric road during a snowstorm. (28-02-2021) Read more
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Electric roads – from basement workshop to real traffic on major roads (Pod in Swedish)

When the engineer Gunnar Asplund started to develop electric roads, he was told that it was insane. But now the government wants 300 km of electric roads by the year 2035. And soon a longer test road will be built in Sweden - the world's first. Read more
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Two self-driving busses in Gothenburg.

The bus model is called Arma and is built by the French company Navya. The bus takes 11 seated passengers, including safety drivers. Due to corona, however, the number of travelers is temporarily limited. Read more
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The trucks of the future get the power from above – or from below

When Sweden is to become fossil-free, our roads must also become electric. The Swedish Transport Administration plans for 200 km of electric roads within ten years, where the power comes from above or below. The truck manufacturer Scania already delivers vehicles for large-scale tests in Germany Read more
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Electric Road Systems

Article about Electric Roads Systems Read more
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NCC utvecklar elvägar

The future is electric! Vehicles that are charged while driving, what sounds like a dream is about to become a reality. Next to Arlanda Airport, NCC is involved in developing electric roads. Read more
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