NEVS designs premium electric vehicles and mobility experiences that are simple, engaging and distinctive, but that also shape a brighter, cleaner future for all. NEVS is a partner to Elways since 2018.

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NCC develops and builds residential and commercial properties, industrial facilities and public buildings, roads and facilities and other infrastructure. NCC also offers input materials used in construction, such as stone materials and asphalt, and conducts paving, operation and maintenance of roads. NCC’s main business is conducted in the Nordic countries. NCC is the largest producer and supplier of stone materials, asphalt and road services in the Nordic region.

NCC is also part of the consortium eRoadArlanda. Elways works with NCC to develop effective methods of locating the rails in the road safely.

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eRoadArlanda is one of several projects in the Swedish Transport Administration’s pre-commercial procurement of innovation for the development of electrified roads. The techniques that have been developed in recent years are based on conductive technology that use an electric rail installed in roads to power and recharge vehicles during their journey.

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The Swedish Transportation Agency
The Swedish Transportation Agency launched a precommersial procurement of electric roads in 2013. In 2014 Elways technology in the consortium eRoadArlanda was selected to perform detailed design of a two kilometers electric road outside Arlanda Airport. In 2015 the consortium and one other consortium each won a project of electrifying two kilometers road. 

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The Swedish Energy Agency
Swedish Energy Agency is a government agency that works for safe, environmentally friendly and efficient energy systems. Energy Agency operates in various sectors of society to create conditions for efficient, sustainable and a cost-effective Swedish energy supply.

Since the beginning, the Energy Technology Department at Swedish Energy Agency has contributed to Elways’ development. SEA has made six contributions.

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Arlandastad Holding AB
Arlandastad Holding AB is a property investor company that was formed in 2007. The company’s first three years were marked by the acquisition of property near Arlanda airport, combined with conceptual study of airport cities.

Arlandastad Holding and Elways have an agreement to cooperate with the installation on the fenced test track owned by Arlandastad Holding to perform tests with real track and vehicles.

Arlandastad Holding AB is also part of the consortium eRoadArlanda.

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