Elways contact arm for light vehicles

In this case NEVS 9-3, but it can be used on other vehicles as well. The contact arm has very low hight when not in operation in order not to reduce the clearance. Read more
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This experimental road is one very long charger for electric vehicles (mashable.com)

Sweden has built an electrified road that recharges your car as you're driving on it. The project, called eRoadArlanda, is part of the Swedish Government's plans for a fossil-fuel independent transportation system by 2030.
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German and Austrian television visits Elways (P.M. Wissen)

The short range is still the problem with current electric cars. Your batteries store little energy and are quickly discharged. Swedish researchers are now working on a system that will allow electric cars to be recharged while on the move. They get the electricity for this via a rail.
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Prince Carl Philip visited the e-road project at Arlanda (kungahuset.se)

On Thursday 26 September, Prince Carl Philip visited the eRoadArlanda project, where the Swedish Transport Administration is testing and developing electric roads.
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