Interview with Gunnar Asplund (NyTeknik)

Insane, said the Swedish Transport Administration five years ago and many shook their heads. Gunnar Asplund - the genius from ABB has gone crazy. But today everything believes more that Gunnar's idea of ​​electric roads may be the right track
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Electric roads can drive the cars of the future

Improved fuel economy has so far been the main issue when it comes to the development of electric cars, and until recently, researchers have mainly looked for solutions under the car’s hood. However, a research group at KTH has Read more

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The electric road passes the winter tests

Cold, snow and ice have not been a problem for Elways on the test track at Arlanda. The technology with a love rail in the road and trailer contact on the car has worked despite winter weather. Now the company wants to get out into the real traffic.
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