When considering the difference in emission of carbon dioxide between fuel cars and electric cars it is important to know how the electricity has been produced. Worldwide two thirds of the electricity is generated using fossil fuels. The situation is changing as more and more wind power and distant hydro is added to the generation and solar power and capture and storage of CO2 will hopefully assist in the reduction of CO2 emissions.

CO2 emission at electric generation
In the table below the amount of CO2 an electric car running on this electricity would emit by country.  Depending on the country where the car is run and the type of electricity generation in that country the CO2 emissions can vary widely.

The table below indicates the relative outputs of CO2 per kilometer comparison of fuel cars and electric cars.

It is expected that both fuel cars and electric cars will improve by 2030, but the electric cars are ahead of fuel cars in all categories. Sweden already has very low CO2 emissions, as its electricity production is primarily hydro and nuclear.  However, with electric cars the CO2 output would be reduced to a negligible level compared to other markets such as the US and the rest of Europe.

The argument for electric cars is clear both in terms of cost benefit as well as CO2emissions. Now we must consider how the future of electric cars can be made most efficient and clean.