Wind energy

Wind generation has developed quickly during recent years. Mainly this development has taken place on land. However, the best wind potential is at sea at high latitudes in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres.

To build on land is the easiest, but the disadvantage is that wind blows for shorter intervals on land making the energy per installed kW lower. Another problem with land based wind power is a lack of space and potential protests from the residents near the turbines. A great deal of effort is currently being put into finding better methods to build wind power turbines at sea. As explained earlier, the potential of wind is huge and most of that potential is at sea.

Link: EU electricity market – Wind powered electricity generating capacity increased by over 150% in the EU25 since 2000

Today the total installed electric generation of European generators is 700 GW.


The link below shows plans by the EU for land and sea- based wind power of 300 GW by the year 2030. This would mean a considerable addition to the EU’s current generation capacity.

Wind Energy: A Vision for Europe in 2030


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