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Imagine driving from Stockholm to Spain without refueling, recharging or changing a single battery!

The technology exists to change completely from petrol to electricity in road vehicles. The Swedish start-up company Elways AB has been granted 9 million SEK from the Swedish Energy Authority to prove this patented idea works in practice.  This new solution for electric cars, whereby the road will have an electric feed, allows vehicles to charge while driving.  This exciting start up is about to begin full-scale tests on an electrified road strip at Arlanda Stad.

The problem with electric vehicles to date has been that the battery life is not sustainable for long distance driving and current charging times mean long stoppage. In spite of rapid development during the last decades, there is still very low energy density in batteries compared to fossil fuels.

The Elways solution is to feed electricity through rails built into the road. Up until now this has been seen as unrealistic, but Elways has solved the safety and weather problems that prevented electrified roads from becoming a reality. The technology utilises an extendable arm with a sensor to automatically detect the rail. The vehicle remotely switches on the power when it passes a section of rail.  Through support from the Swedish Energy Authority, Elways has developed the entire system, which has resulted in seventeen patent applications (seven of which have already been approved). The next step will be full-scale testing on a track at Arlanda Stad together with the Royal Institute of Technology and the construction firm NCC.

“This system has both a potential to increase the efficiency of energy use in the transportation sector by more than fifty percent in a fully implemented system, increasing the possibility to introduce battery operated vehicles, and also it is one of the few inventions that, in the long run, can provide the solution to break the dependence on fossil fuels until 2030; a goal set by the Swedish government,” says Magnus Henke at the Swedish Energy Agency.

“Elways is at a monumental turning point. This grant from the Energy Authority shows the Swedish government’s confidence in Elways. After years of research and development we can now begin the next phase of demonstrating the viability of this transformational technology.  This next stage will provide the basis for creating full-scale installations on roads around Sweden and abroad.  We have had interest from several countries and we welcome discussions with governments and other parties interested in reducing vehicle emissions everywhere,” says CEO, Gunnar Asplund.

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