Elways personnel

Elways founder and CEO is Gunnar Asplund.

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Gunnar Asplund – CEO

  • Lunds University of Technology 1969
  • Asea/ABB 1970- 2009
  • Laboratory engineer, development engineer High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC)
  • Project manager Swedish part of the Brazilian Itaipu HVDC Project
  • Commissioning manager Itaipu in Brazil, 3 years
  • Head of departement, HVDC
  • 1993- 2009 R&D manager HVDC
  • 2009- GBA Consulting AB and Elways AB

With the permission of ABB started a company, Ludvika Power Electronics in 1990 to develop a new type of powerful electric amplifiers. The company was bought by ABB and was developed in several steps into a new type of HVDC with power of more than 1000 MW. This is called HVDC Light and has until now had sales of 25 billion SEK.

52 individual patents, 187 in total


Henric Dahlström

Morten Svarverud

Olof Brandt


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