Cooperation / Support

The Swedish Energy Agency

Swedish Energy Agency is a government agency that works for safe, environmentally friendly and efficient energy systems. The Energy Agency operates in various sectors of society to create conditions for an efficient, sustainable and a cost-effective Swedish energy supply.

Since the beginning, the Energy Technology Department at Swedish Energy Agency has contributed to Elways’ development. So far the SEA has made five contributions. An application for partial funding for the test track at Arlanda Stad was approved in December 2011.


Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)

KTH accounts for one third of Sweden’s capacity for technological research and engineering education at the university level. The education and research cover a broad spectrum – from natural sciences to all branches of engineering and architecture, industrial economics and urban planning. In addition to the research carried out at KTH schools, there are a large number of both national and local centers of excellence located at KTH.

The Royal Institute of Technology supports Elway through the work of researchers from the Department of Electrical Energy Conversion.



NCC develops and builds residential and commercial properties, industrial facilities,  public buildings, roads and other infrastructure. NCC also sells construction materials, such as stone materials and asphalt and provides services such as the paving, operation and maintenance of roads. NCC’s main business is conducted in the Nordic countries.

Elway will work with NCC to develop effective methods of installing the rails in the road.

NCC is the largest producer and supplier of paving materials, asphalt and road services in the Nordic region.


Arlanda Stad Holding

Arlandastad Holding AB is a real estate investment company formed in 2007. The company’s first major undertaking was the acquisition of property near Arlanda airport, combined with a conceptual study of airport cities.

Arlandastad Holding and Elways have an agreement to cooperate on the installation of a fenced test track owned by Arlandastad Holding to perform full road tests with vehicles.


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